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Quality checks in IVF lab
Vasco IVF has regular quality checks of all IVF laboratory equipments to ensure one of the best IVF results.

IVF - In Vitro Fertilization Procedures


Egg Retrieval / Ovum Pick Up
Ovum pick up is the most important step in the IVF process. A good ovum pick up or OPU is integral to the IVF cycle success. At Vasco, IVF, we have highly trained specialists to give you good success rates. Ovum pick up is an infertility treatment procedure in which the woman’s eggs are retrieved using ultrasound guidance. The ovum pick up is usually done under short general anesthesia. Egg retrieval or Ovum Pick up is a relatively pain less procedure. At Vasco IVF, the patient is given an appointment when she has to arrive. The husband/partner should also accompany the woman. This is a day care procedure and the woman goes home within a few hours. At Vasco IVF, you can even choose to stay in the hospital if you feel comfortable in doing so.

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IVF incubator
Vasco IVF has world class CO2 incubator for one of the best IVF results possible. Vasco IVF uses incubators by Hera cell because of its proven results and internationally approved standards.

Inside the incubator chamber HEPA filtration surrounds the IVF embryo cultures in outstanding air quality. Active circulation, humidity management, accurate CO2 sensors and temperature sensors ensures the best IVF success to our embryos.

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IVF centre in goa

Laminar Air Flow at Vasco
To give best IVF results, any IVF centre has to have the best air quality. Vasco IVF has 2 laminar air flows which provide the best IVF air quality. Laminar Air Flow hoods provide clean air by using several layers of air filters. There are 0.3microns HEPA filters and 10 micron prefilters i.e. a class 100 work environment is created where 99.9% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns and above size are removed thus providing dust and bacteria free culture environment.

Vasco IVF has IVF microscopes of the highest standards that make oocyte and sperm identification easy. This gives excellent ease to our embryologists to work with, giving one of the best IVF results.

Dr. Mayur Pai had a vision of creating an infertility centre that makes infertility treatment affordable to all without compromising on the quality of infertility treatment. This vision led to the birth of VASCO IVF – The first dedicated infertility and IVF centre in Vasco.

An IVF (test tube baby) program is only as good as its IVF laboratory. An IVF laboratory or IVF lab is the main work place where the embryos (test tube babies) are created, cultured (grown) and stored so that they can be transferred to the to-be-mother on the appropriate fertile day. The IVF lab or the embryology lab should have adequate space and IVF grade air quality for the best IVF results.

IVF specialist in goa
IVF specialist goa

Monitoring Egg Development in IVF
The infertility patient’s response to treatment is monitored by transvaginal ultrasound examination every alternate day. This is also called follicular monitoring, follicular study or folliculometry. The fertility medicine dose depends on the findings of the ultrasound follicular monitoring. Once the fertility specialist determines that the follicles (eggs) are mature, the fertility specialist gives HCG injection and performs egg retrieval (ovum pick up) after 34 to 36 hours. 

Producing or Stimulating Egg Development prior to IVF
This process is technically called ovarian stimulation or super ovulation. This process involves taking fertility medication like injections to stimulate the woman’s ovaries to develop multiple mature eggs. The dose and types of medicine depend on the patient profile and the patient response. These fertility medications are given for 10-12 days depending on the patient response.

Basic infrastructure
Vasco IVF centre has been designed to provide world class infertility care 24 hours a day. This is done by having double electrical back up with specially designed electrical systems like monitors and generators. There should be no interruption in power supply to the IVF incubator. At Vasco IVF a stable stream of electricity is always available 24 hours a day all year round. This ensures that the best test tube baby quality is maintained even if there is power failure.

Air conditioning
The IVF centre has its own separate air conditioning system. The air pressure in IVF lab is always positive pressure so that no air pollutants can enter into the IVF lab.

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Semen Collection
On the same day as the ovum pick up, the husband / partner has to produce the semen sample in a sterile container. At Vasco IVF, we provide a comfortable collection room to the husband so that semen collection is optimally done without disturbance.

The semen sample is handed over to our embryologist who processes the sample to extract the highest quality sperms from the sample. Only the processed highest quality motile sperms will be used for the test tube baby / IVF process. This final solution containing motile sperms will be inseminated or injected into the woman’s eggs that are collected during Ovum pick up to allow fertilization.

Air quality in Vasco IVF lab
For a successful IVF program it is important that the IVF laboratory air is clean. As per studies done worldwide, improved fertilization rates and embryo development were seen with superior air quality in an IVF or test tube baby laboratory.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other air pollutants hamper IVF success rates. At Vasco IVF centre, we have installed state-of-the-art air handling systems that increase air quality and give one of the best IVF embryos.

The air handling unit at Vasco IVF centre
The AHU at Vasco IVF is designed to improve the laboratory air quality making it nearly equal to clean air. Thus replenishing and nourishing the entire laboratory making it safe for the sensitive IVF procedures to be executed successfully.

Vasco IVF also has a positive air pressure IVF laboratory which uses the basic principle of “over pressure or positive pressure in a room which restricts the entry of outside air”.

The IVF laboratory air passes through 4 stage filters which reduce the CFU count, eliminate the SPM, VOCs and CACs (air pollutants) does making it very IVF friendly.

The AHU at Vasco IVF contains a unique 4 stage filtration system containing prefilter, HEPA filter and a unique blend of activated carbon and aluimina which reduces VOCs and CFU count in the IVF lab. The AHU not only protects IVF embryos but also protects the embryologists who work in the laboratory. This gives one of the best IVF environments to work in.

Facilities provided by Vasco IVF center

IVF (test tube baby)
IVF for older ladies
IVF for low sperm count
IUI – insemination
Fertility counseling
Fertility related diagnostic tests
Ovulation induction
Semen, egg and embryo freezing
Fertility enhancing surgery

Embryo Transfer
Embryo transfer is an important step in IVF treatment. Embryo transfer or ET is usually done without anesthesia or sedation. Embryo transfer is done under Trans-abdominal ultrasound guidance and requires a full bladder for the adequate visualization. Usually 2-3 embryos of the best quality are selected for the transfer. This is a fairly painless process and the patient goes home within few hours.


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The Embryo Development Process
The main part of the IVF treatment now begins. The fertilization of the oocytes (eggs) is checked by the embryologist after incubation. The embryologist checks for something called the “2PN” or “2 Pronuclei”. The oocytes with two pronuclei or 2PN are normally fertilized. The normally fertilized IVF embryos are further cultured till they are ready to be transferred into the to-be-mother. At Vasco IVF, we give an appointment to the couple for embryo transfer which may be on the day 2, day 3 or day 5 after ovum pick up. This depends on the embryo growth profile and the patient profile.

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