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Infertility centre in Goa

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pai hospital​ VASCO DA GAMA, GOA

Up to 10 weeks pregnancy, same day discharge facility is also available. You may also choose to stay for few days, do follow up visit and leave.

Abortion clinics in Delhi
Abortion cost up to 
7 weeks is 5000 Indian Rupees
Abortion cost between 
7 weeks to 10 weeks is 15000+ Indian Rupees
Cost of abortion abortion above
10 weeks up to 20 weeks is 25000+ Indian Rupees
The abortion cost varies with luxuries and privacy chosen by the patient.

Experienced Female Gynecologist available.

The abortion cost is reimbursed by some international and national insurance companies.

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Abortion clinics in Delhi
You can get your abortion done at a luxury hospital in Goa specializing in women’s healthcare. Pai Hospital in Vasco Goa is 5 minutes from the Goa Airport. You can get excellent abortion services in safe and legal method with all legal paper work up till 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Facilities available include full private and confidential abortion treatment, VIP abortion package, in house diagnostic tests for abortion, and expert abortion doctors with tons of experience in abortion, lady gynecologist with experience also available. We also have complete surgical capability to handle and prevent any complication of abortion and women’s health needs. We have 24 hour housekeeping and nursing care.