Cost of abortion in Goa, India
Abortions, also called Medical termination of pregnancy are legal in India and in Goa if done in legally approved centers. The most important factor guiding the cost of the abortion process is the pregnancy age or the gestational age and the experience of the abortion clinic in abortions. Well known abortion clinics and experienced abortion centres tend to be more expensive but safer. Also recovery from abortions is quicker.

In India, as per the abortion law, pregnancy can be safely and legally terminated till 20 weeks of pregnancy or 20 weeks of gestational age. However the methods for termination of pregnancy is different before 7 weeks, between 7 to 12 weeks and between 12 to 20 weeks of gestation. Abortions beyond 20 weeks of gestation are not legal in India and are not carried out at legally working centers.

Abortions before 7 weeks of gestationare early abortions. Before 7 weeks the pregnancy is not very advanced and can be safely terminated with the help of medications like abortion pills. These pills are given only under supervision of a gynecologist trained in abortions. You may need to undergo few blood tests and ultrasound to safely carry out this procedure. All these facilities are available under one roof at Pai Hospital in Vasco Da Gama, Goa, India.

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Abortions between 7 to 12 weeksis carried out by method called surgical abortion. Pregnancies after 7 weeks are considered advanced pregnancies and research has shown that the failure rate of the abortion pills decreases after 7 weeks of gestation. Surgical abortion is the preferred method of abortion after 7 weeks of pregnancy the world over. This method requires the patient to stay for half a day in the hospital and is called a day care procedure. The actual surgical abortion is done under general anesthesia or deep sedation and lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. There is no cut done on the patient and the entire process is done through the vagina. Technically the process of surgical abortion is also called dilatation and suction evacuation. Again, some blood tests and ultrasound tests may be needed prior to the process. All procedures are performed by a skilled gynecologist who is experienced in the surgical abortion. Some insurance companies cover abortion process. Most patients have a complete recovery in 2 to 5 days’ time.

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Abortions after 12 weeksare called second trimester abortions and require special expertise and skill to perform. Second trimester abortions also require a special license from the government to be carried out safely and legally. In India, second trimester MTPs can be legally carried out till 20 weeks of gestation. The preferred method of choice is surgical abortion, but this differs from the above method. The method used in the second trimester looks like a mini vaginal delivery. The womb id induced with medications to undergo contractions and the mouth of the uterus is induced to slowly open like during vaginal delivery. The entire process may take between 2 to 4 days for the uterus to ripen and deliver the abortus vaginally. This process should only be done under supervision of trained gynecologist. Blood test and ultrasound are required before this process. Most patients recover within 7 days of the procedure.


The cost of the procedures vary from 10000 INR (150 $) to 40000 INR ($ 600) depending on the gestational age, luxury and privacy package chosen and the skill of the doctor. At Pai Hospital, we have highly skilled gynecologists, Ultrasound specialist and para medical staff who will put your needs first. We understand your need for a safe and legal abortion and we understand your need for privacy.

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