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​Discuss Your Infertility Issues with an Experienced Gynaecologist in Margao

There is no shame in talking to a gynaecologist in Margao if you want help conceiving. Many couples have trouble getting pregnant—you are certainly not alone. Although there are different factors to consider when determining its cause, gynaecologists usually associate this problem with infertility.

Infertility is a reproductive health disease and a global concern affecting an estimated 50 million couples worldwide. India is among the countries facing an alarming decline in fertility rates. The numbers in the coastal state of Goa are particularly alarming. Studies show that this is due to a phenomenon of absent husbands and partly due to lifestyle choices resulting to vulnerability to sexual diseases.

Sexual diseases endanger both a man and woman’s fertility. It can cause troubles in a woman’s fallopian tube where fertilisation happens. It could also affect the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm. It is important to take note that although infertility is a not a gender-specific issue, its prevalence is studied more in women.

The decline of fertility prompted an increase in advancements in infertility treatments and facilities. India is the best place to look for gynaecologists and infertility treatments in terms of service cost and quality. In 2012, there are 3,000 registered fertility clinics—but there are also more unregistered clinics.

Choosing the right clinic can be hard especially with the many options. The key is to find a reliable gynaecologist in Margao who is working in a trusted hospital specialising in reproductive health. You can’t go wrong with a multispecialty hospital that is one of the pioneers of quality reproductive health services since the1980’s. They offer treatments such as artificial insemination or IUI as well as IVF in budget friendly packages. They house the best gynaecologists trained in advance fertility treatments. They also boast above-satisfactory success results, ensuring you that you are in good hands.Type your paragraph here.