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IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination in Panaji | IUI clinic in Panaji
A lady usually ovulates at about the 14th in the cycle. Ovulation is the process in which her egg is released into the fallopian tubes. The egg from this moment onward is ready to be fertilized by the husband’s sperms. These sperms that husband deposits in the vagina during natural intercourse tend to swim up from the vagina in to the uterus and upwards in to the fallopian tubes. In some couples, due to various reasons, this natural process does not take place and this leads to infertility. Infertility can be from the husbands side called male infertility or from the female side called female infertility.

Studies show that 30% cases have male infertility, 30% have female infertility, 30% have mixed infertility and 10% have infertility with no known cause called unexplained infertility.

IUI and IVF are the most popular infertility treatments. In IUI or artificial insemination, the sperm sample is provided by the husband or in some cases from a sperm donor. The sperm sample is then processed in the IUI lab and checked for quality and quantity of sperms. The sperms are then washed with special medicines called sperm media. The finally prepared sperm sample is loaded in to an IUI syringe and inseminated into the woman’s uterus with a fine tube called an IUI catheter.

These sperms are now placed in to the uterine cavity. The main aim of IUI is to get the sperms as close as possible to the woman’s eggs that are traveling through the fallopian tube. IUI helps in increasing the egg fertilization and improves pregnancy rate.

IUI has a pregnancy rate of about 15 to 20 percent per cycle. In case IUI fails, the process may need to be repeated.

Prior to IUI or IVF, a consultation with a fertility doctor and a fertility evaluation is required. This consultation gives you an opportunity to know more about IUI or IVF and to know about the cost of IUI and cost of IVF in the couple.

For more information on IUi treatment, please click on this link- iui treatment in goa

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