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Pai hospital has been serving women since 1985. We have complete portfolio of women’s health related services including infertility treatment, IUI and IVF. We also have specialist doctors for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. These surgeries are also called fertility enhancing surgeries. Pai hospital has a vast experience in treating male factor infertility like low sperm count, poor sperm motility and absent sperm count.

Pai hospital is only 3 hours’ drive from Belgaum city and a well-known test tube baby centre in Goa.

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IUI in Belgaum| Intra Uterine Insemination in Belgaum | Best IUI centre in Belgaum
IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination is also called artificial insemination. IUI is an Infertility treatment to help lady conceive and is one of the first treatments to be offered to a childless couple by the infertility specialist. IUI involves placing the husband’s processed sperm in to the woman’s uterus to help in conception. The treatment was initially created to treat sperm related infertility but is now known to be very successful in female infertility. Keep reading further to know about how IUI works, is IUI procedure Painful and how to Improve IUI results and all about IUI cost in Belgaum. We will also introduce you to how our specialists at Pai Hospital and IVF centre have improved IUI success.

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IUI Process or IUI Procedure:
The IUI process begins with the process of egg production in the woman. This is called ovulation induction (aimed at development of single egg) or super ovulation (aimed at production of more than one egg). Ovulation induction and super ovulation may involve medications like tablets and injectables. These medications help in egg development. The eggs produced usually mature by day 12 to 14 as detected by serial ultrasound exams. One the eggs are mature the infertility specialist gives injection HCG to trigger ovulation or egg rupture.
On the day of IUI the man collects the sperm sample in a jar. The sperm jar is given to the andrology lad or the sperm processing lab. In the lab, the healthy sperms are separated from the impurities and dead sperms in a process called sperm washing. The end result of sperm washing is an injection containing healthy motile sperms. The prepared sperm sample is then artificially inseminated in to the woman’s uterus through a special tube called an IUI catheter. The lady is allowed to rest for a few minutes and she is sent home. No admission or sedation is required for IUI

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Iui success rates.
IUI has a success rate of 10 to 20%. The success depends on various factors like woman’s age, ovarian reserve, cause of infertility in woman and man and sperm count of the man. IUI success comes with repeated IUI attempts. The cumulative IUI success rate after 4 to 6 cycles is almost 50%.

Work up before IUI
The couple usually has to visit the infertility specialist who will find out if IUI or intra uterine insemination is the right choice for you. This visit involves a detailed ultrasound examination of the woman and may include a sperm test for the husband. It is desirable if the couple gets any investigation reports previously done. This helps the infertility doctor to understand about any past treatments and the patient’s response to these treatments. The work up day may need some blood tests that may need to be done. All these facilities are located under one roof at Pai Hospital.

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Best time for IUI
We have to understand that a lady produces her eggs or ova only once a month (also called a menstrual cycle). This day of egg production or egg maturation is usually during day 12 to day 15 of the menstrual cycle. IUI aims at inseminating the woman as close to the egg release or egg rupture as possible. To understand when a lady’s eggs are mature, we have to use the help of ultrasound study called follicular study. This follicular study usually starts close to day 5 of the menstrual cycle and tracks the progress of the egg till the day of maturity. Usually the 9infertility specialist triggers the egg release with help of HCG injection. Iui is usually times close to 36 hours after hcg injection. The ovulation can also be times using urine tests called LH Surge tests. These tests are less accurate as compared to standard Ultrasound method that has been the gold standard method to track the follicle (eggs) all over the world.

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How to deal with IUI Failure?
IUI is a good and effective treatment to begin with. However due to some reasons, it may fail in some couples. IUI failure is best treated with IVF or test tube baby treatment. This treatment help in diagnosing the cause of infertility to a larger extent in the woman and the man and also IVF has the ability to treat more severe causes of infertility like severe low sperm count and blocked fallopian tubes.

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Is IUI painful? | How does IUI FEEL?
IUI is not a painful process. Most ladies describe IUI pain as either totally pain free or easily bearable. There are rare times that we get request from the woman for IUI done under sedation and that too is an option for ladies wanting extreme comfort during IUI or who are apprehensive. IUI even with sedation is a really safe and comfortable procedure.