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Complete the course of 4 to 6 IUIs but a​t an infertility clinic.

We recommend that IUIs be done at an infertility clinic especially a place where IVF is also done. Most specialists at a specialized infertility clinic are trained in ovulation induction with gonadotropins. While these drugs increase the chances of pregnancy, they need to be precisely monitored. These drugs may at times cause some unexpected results that can be easier managed at an IVF hospital. This may cause each cycle to produce optimum number of eggs and hopefully a better result.

Take a second opinion
A second opinion especially of an infertility specialist may be very valuable to some couples. Infertility centers are better equipped with man and machines that can pick up and treat different types of infertility cases. Also if you don’t like it, you can reject the opinion and get back to where you were happier.

Reduce weight and exercise daily
Reduction in weight does wonders to a woman’s and also man’s fertility. Many diseases like PCOS may reduce in severity and sperm count may increase. Man with diabetes may get better sugar control. Also thinner women need lesser dose of drugs. This brings down the cost of IVF and IUI.

5 tips to reduce intrauterine insemination cost

At Pai Infertility centre we commonly get couples who need IUI but are having financial issues and cannot afford good qulity IUI treatment. If you have a similar problem, then read till the end. We are about to share our secrets to reducing IUI- Intra uterine insemination cost. These tips are only those that do not decrease the quality of treatment but still keep reading to understand better.

Start infertility treatment early in marital life.

We commonly see couples getting married at later ages than recommended. This may be due to educational and professional commitments, but there are many reasons. Let’s not go into details of that. Infertility treatment is directly related to the age of the husband and wife. The woman in particular undergoes aging faster than the man. By age 35, her egg quality starts decreasing faster than before and infertility treatment results start to suffer- both for IUI and IVF. AMH is a blood test that determines a woman’s fertility. AMH tends to decrease after 35 years and with a decreasing AMH value fertility decreases. As far as the cost of IVF and IUI goes, with decreased AMH, the dose and hence cost of IVF drugs increases. Also the couple may need more cycles of IVF or IUI to achieve result. With increase in age, the man’s sperm count may also suffer further compounding the problem.

Use injectables for egg production
Infertility specialists usually use gonadotropins to produce more pure egg yield than through tablets like clomefene citrate or letrozole. These gonadotropins don’t hurt the endometrial lining and may even help with superovulation. Though a cycle like this may be more costly, it has a higher fertility rate than with tablets. You may become pregnant earlier and save up on cost of multiple cycles.