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Incomplete abortion treatment.

The abortion doctor usually does an ultrasound to diagnose incomplete abortion. The abortion doctor may do a surgical procedure called a suction evacuation to clear incomplete abortion. The abortion doctor may give you oral or IV antibiotics.

What is the cost for abortion in India?
If the pregnancy is up to 7 weeks of gestation, the best method is called medical abortion. The process may cost you about 5000 Indian rupees.

Medical abortion involves taking tablets which are prescribed by the abortion specialist. These tablets are also called abortion pills in India. The cost of these abortion pills in India is about 500 to 700 Indian rupees in a retail pharmacy. Abortion pills in India, are sold only on the valid prescription of a registered abortion specialist. These abortion pills are usually sold as a kit containing 5 pills- one pill of mifepristone 200mg and four pills of misoprostol 200mcg. These abortion pills are to be taken as per the dose approved by the abortion doctor. Mifepristone is also called RU486 and some companies sell it as RU 486 on the label. We would like to emphasize that these abortion pills may have serious side effects and are not supposed to be taken without supervision of a certified abortion doctor who knows the science of abortion. The abortion pills are taken over a period of three days.

How to prevent incomplete abortion?

The best method of preventing incomplete abortion is to do all abortions at a certified place that has tons of experience in legal and safe abortions. Do not take abortion pills without the supervision of an abortion doctor.

What are the complications of medical abortions?
Medical abortions come with their share of abortion complications.
Excessive bleeding can complicate abortion. The bleeding may be associated with clots and pelvic pain. Some ladies may lose alarming amounts of blood and may need emergency hospitalization and surgery.
Incomplete abortion may complicate abortion. Incomplete abortion is when a few products of conception are retained inside the uterus in spite of consuming the correct dose of abortion pills. This happens when some part of the abortus is stuck to the uterine wall and may need to be surgically removed. The symptoms of incomplete abortion may be excessive vaginal bleeding, foul smelling vaginal discharge, cramping pelvic pain, fever. We recommend that you consult your abortion doctor ASAP.

The cost for abortions in India depend on several factors like where abortion is done, is the abortion done in a hospital or abortion clinic in India, is the abortion done by a qualified person and also what is the experience of the abortion doctor. The cost for abortion in India tends to be higher in hospitals approved by the government for abortion services that emphasize on safe and legal abortions. It is the right of every woman to know the different types of contraceptives and abortion processes that she can safely use and the ones she should stay away from. At Pai Hospital we always advise you that safe legal abortion is the best way ahead and there is no need to shy away from your rights.

The cost for abortions in India like any other country depend on the gestational age of the pregnancy. This is also called the fetal age or the pregnancy age. The pregnancy age is calculated from the first day of menses and is usually calculated in weeks by gynecologists. A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s healthcare needs that also includes abortions. An abortion in india is usually done in an abortion clinic, an abortion hospital or a healthcare setup that is certified for performing legal and safe abortions.

Cost for abortion in India
Abortion cost up to 7 weeks is 5000 Indian Rupees
Abortion cost between 
7 weeks to 10 weeks is 15000+ Indian Rupees
Cost of abortion abortion 
above 10 weeks up to 20 weeks is 25000+ Indian Rupees

The cost for varies with luxuries and privacy chosen by the patient.
The cost for abortion is reimbursed by some international and national insurance companies.

Cost of abortion at 7 weeks and above

This includes the cost of abortion at 8 weeks, the cost of abortion at 9 weeks and cost of abortion at 10 weeks.

The best method for abortion at 7 weeks and above is the surgical abortion. the method chosen for surgical abortion is called suction evacuation.

How are abortion pills taken?
The mifepristone 200mg or RU 486 tablet is taken on the first day and the remaining misoprostol tablets are to be taken on the third day. The lady may sometimes feel some pelvic pain or slight vaginal bleeding after the mifepristone pill but she has to complete the course as prescribed by the abortion doctor. It is vital to note that the couple or the woman should be sure of her decision before undergoing abortion. After having the mifepristone tablet, she has to complete the medical abortion process and there is no turning back. Mifepristone is highly teratogenic, meaning that it can cause birth defects in the fetus. Once mifepristone is consumed by a pregnant woman, the fetus has to be aborted to prevent giving birth to a child with life-threatening defects. The medical abortion process is also uncomfortable as there is cramping pain on the third day when the abortion happens. The woman has heavy vaginal flow and she may pass clots and products of conception vaginally. This is followed by lessening of the blood flow and the cramps decrease.