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Detailed Information on Advanced Treatment Offered by IVF Centre in Goa

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving can consider going to a reputable IVF centre in Goa for treatment, which may increase their chances of getting pregnant by 10 to 30 percent or higher (depending on the quality of the procedure). An IVF specialist in Goa can provide more information on in vitro fertilisation, which is currently the most advanced treatments for infertility. In IVF, an egg placed on a laboratory dish to be fertilised by sperm. After successful fertilisation, the egg should mature into an embryo, which is then transferred to the woman’s uterus. It is important for this procedure to be conducted only in a government accredited and ISO-certified IVF centre in Goa. 

The success of IVF treatment in Goa may depend on several different factors. Timing is one of them. Women are most fertile between the tenth and twentieth day of her menstrual cycle. Hence, fertility specialists recommend having intercourse within that period. If the woman has problems with ovulation and producing a healthy egg, an IVF centre in Goa may induce with medication and then trigger the release of the egg via an injection. Ovulation induction treatment may be combined with intra uterine insemination, which places sperm directly into the uterus to induce fertilisation. The procedure aims to boost the amount of sperm that can reach the fallopian tube to improve the chances of fertilisation and becoming pregnant. 

Advanced treatments offered by a reputable IVF centre in Goa can be more successful when patients are willing to make a few changes in their diet and lifestyle, and commit to those changes. Fertility specialists recommend drinking around two to three litres of water a day, avoiding food that is high in fat and starch, and maintaining a balanced diet, which includes vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, patients are advised against smoking and drinking alcohol. Regular exercise may help improve stress levels and keep weight under control, both of which are essential to conceive successfully, since stress and obesity are known factors that could reduce sperm count and affect the reproductive system.Detailed Information on Advanced Treatment Offered by IVF Centre in Goa