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Pai hospital has been serving women since 1985. We have complete portfolio of women’s health related services including infertility treatment, IUI and IVF. We also have specialist doctors for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. These surgeries are also called fertility enhancing surgeries. Pai hospital has a vast experience in treating male factor infertility like low sperm count, poor sperm motility and absent sperm count.

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6 Ways that Pai Hospital increases your IUI success !

IUI or intra uterine insemination is a specialized infertility treatment that introduces processed motile sperms in to the woman’s uterine cavity. IUI is one of the most commonly done infertility processes in the world with a good amount of fertility results. There may be times that couples have IUI failures and you may wonder how to increase your IUI success. Here we will guide you through the different methods that we have found to increase IUI success in our patients.

1. Do a good fertility evaluation before treatment begins.

Not every couple is the right couple for IUI and IUI is not for everyone. If not chosen well, you will never conceive with IUI. IUI requires roughly 20 to 30 million sperm count with good morphology (sperm shape) and good motility (sperm swimming ability). Also, the lady should have normal egg count and normally functioning fallopian tubes. If any of these are missing, IUI treatment may suffer and may take time. In cases where IUI is done for couples that do not meet the criteria, IUI may fail.

A thorough infertility evaluation that rates the woman’s and man’s fertility is important before you begin any treatment. An ultrasound test by a specialist qualified in fertility related testing is ideal. Some blood tests, urine tests and semen teats may be needed to assess various parameters of fertility. Very rarely, a couple may need laparoscopy, hysteroscopy or other fertility enhancing surgeries as a pretreatment before infertility treatment.

2. Use good quality medicines and consumables.

In infertility treatment, quality is everything. Surely quality does not come cheap but it is surely rewarding. Infertility treatment methods and its research takes place internationally. Some research institutes are better than others. IUI and any infertility treatment is best done of the different internationally approved guidelines are followed. The quality and sterility of the infertility lab is very important and protocols should be followed to decrease toxic substances that may harm the sperms during processing. Air control, temperature control and use of plastics that are MEA proven to be safe are essential.

3. Superovulation followed by IUI.

Superovulation process ensures that multiple healthy follicles (eggs as seen on sonography) are produced. Superovulation followed by IUI is proven to be twice as successful as IUI following traditional ovulation induction (where only one follicle is produced). Also an IUI clinic that is also doing IVF can do maximum benefit toward superovulation. IVF clinics are better used to doing superovulation and are also well suited to safely handle complications associated with super ovulation.

How is super ovulation done?

The infertility specialist first determines that you (the woman) is a suitable candidate for super ovulation. This is typically done with help of ultrasound and some blood tests. Suprovulation is trypically done with help of some injectables. The type and number of injectables varies from woman to woman. The choice of superovulation injectables depends on disorder and infertility diagnosis, height, weight, AMH and egg counts on the woman. It is better that you consult a specialist regarding this.

The aim of superovulation in IUI is to produce 2 to 4 follicles in the lady. The size of these follicles should be between 16 to 18mm of more as determined by ultrasound tests.

4. Use antagonist protocols.

Infertility clinics that use antagonist protocols are better at avoiding the premature LH surge that may hamper superovulation. Premature LH surge tends to decrease IUI success drastically and is known to occur spontaneously in 10% of superovulation cycles. Antagonists are injectables that need to be given a few days before IUI.

5. Do an excellent Ultrasound examination.

A good infertility clinic should always have ultrasound done in house. Ultrasound examination should always be done by the treating infertility specialist. This enhances decision making in infertility treatment and often helps in establishing good diagnosis.

6. Opt for multiple cycles in case of treatment failure.

Yes. You read things right. Studies have shown that some couples may need up to 4 to 6 IUI treatment cycles to achieve pregnancy. Make sure that these IUI cycles are combined with superovulation injectables and antagonist for best results. In certain case, the clinician may need 2 to 3 cycles to get the superovulation fine tunes to the woman’s individual needs. Many factors like these may take different number of cycles and may vary from patient to patient. If the above protocols are followed systematically, you chances are improved to the max as soon as possible.


Always remember, a good infertility treatment is usually not cheap and usually not easy. A good treatment planning is the most important step before starting your journey to parenthood.

If IUI does not work for you even after 4 to 6 attempts, you may need to consider revising the infertility diagnosis or consider IVF or both.

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