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Frequently asked questions about abortions in India.

How to abort unwanted pregnancy?

If you are dealing with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, the best thing to do is to get a pregnancy assessment done. A trained gynecologist skilled in medical and surgical abortions is the right person for pregnancy assessment. Be very specific and tell the gynecologist abort the pregnancy being unplanned and that you want to abort the pregnancy if possible. The gynecologist will do a complete examination and an ultrasound to find out the age of the pregnancy and will tell the best method to abort the pregnancy. Pai Hospital advises you to conduct the abortion process at a safe and certified place an abortion is legal in India.


What are abortion pills?

Abortion pills are tablets that are used for medical abortions. Abortion pills are called mifepristone and misoprostol. Their use is restricted to medical abortions under 7 weeks of pregnancy. They also have a small failure rate. Abortion pills are legally sold only on the prescription of a licensed gynecologist trained to conduct abortions. Abortion pills may also sometimes be used as an adjunct during surgical abortions. Pai Hospital encourages you to consume abortion pills only under supervision of trained gynecologist as there might be undesirable side effects of abortion pills. For more information on abortion pills please click this link-Cost of abortion pill in Indian rupees


I am 3 months pregnant, what is abortion cost? Are abortions legal in India?

Yes, abortions ate legal in India if done by legal methods as described. A three month pregnancy requires surgical abortion as this is the safest abortion method for you. In India, abortions can be safely and legally performed till 20 weeks of pregnancy. Legal abortions can only be performed at a government recognized abortion center like Pai Hospital in Vasco Goa. We strongly urge you not to undergo unsafe and illegal abortions in India.

The cost of surgical abortions range from 10000 to 20000 Indian rupees depending on the pregnancy status and the woman’s choices about the treatments.

For more information relating to the cost of abortion in Goa, India please click this link-Cost of abortion in India


What is medical abortion and what is medical abortion cost?

Medical abortion is usually done before 7 weeks of pregnancy. This type of abortion is done with the help of abortion pills. These abortion pills can be given under supervision of a qualified and certified gynecologist. The cost may be up to 5000 INR and may include blood tests and ultrasound tests. For further reading on the cost of abortions please click this link-Cost of abortion in India

What is surgical abortion and what is the cost of surgical abortion?

Surgical abortion is done for cases of advanced pregnancy that means beyond 7 weeks of gestation. The failure rate of abortion pills increases after 7 weeks of pregnancy and this may cause complications. Surgical abortion by dilatation and suction evacuation is the method of choice for pregnancies beyond 7 weeks. The cost ranges from 10000 INR to 20000 INR. Some insurance companies cover surgical abortions.

Till when can you get an abortion in India?

As per the abortion law I India, abortions can be legally performed up till 20 weeks of gestation in approved centers. We do not recommend illegal abortions as they are unsafe to the life and future fertility of the woman.

For further reading about the abortion law in India and the mtp act of India please click on this link-mtp act india

How to choose a good abortion clinic in Goa?

Abortions are best performed in a safe and legal way in a center certified by the authorities to carry out safe legal abortions. One has to locate a center which has skilled and qualified gynecologists with good experience in performing abortions. Good abortion clinics are usually more expensive but are safer. Also some abortion clinics understand the sensitive nature of the problem and maintain good privacy and help the patient recover emotionally.

What is abortion pill price?

Abortion pills have a retail price of about 500 to 700 INR. These pills are sold only on prescription of a registered gynecologist. It is important that you realize that these pills are to be taken only under supervision of a gynecologist trained in abortion as there are associated side effects. Also click on this link to understand more-Cost of abortion pill in Indian rupees

What is abortion and how is abortion done?
Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, usually unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. This is an over simplified way of explaining abortion. A miscarriage is the same process happening spontaneously or naturally (usually in the case of a planned pregnancy).

Pai hospital is a government certified hospital for legal and safe abortions. On arrival you will be registered at the reception and some basic paper work will be done. You will be escorted to a comfortable room of your choice where you can relax. All precautions are taken to ensure good privacy and security during your stay. The staff will do blood tests, ultrasound or any other test that may be needed to carry out the abortion process safely. The staff also arranges for the OBGYN (Gynecologist) consultation. Pai Hospital offers highly skilled, qualified gynecologists who will guide you through the abortion process.

Abortions are of two types- Medical Abortions and Surgical Abortions.

For more information on medical abortions, see this link-Medical abortion in India

For more information on Surgical abortions, see this link-Surgical Abortion in India

The treatment type that best suits your medical needs will be chosen by our OBGYN specialist.

We have qualified ultrasound specialists who can image the pregnancy and can guide the abortion process. All this is done in the comfortable hospital environment.

For very early pregnancies, up to 7 weeks gestation, abortion pills can be used. The treatment spans for about 3 days followed by bleeding per vaginum. This is called medical abortion. The patient is re assessed after the bleeding decreases to make sure that the abortion process is complete. In case some part of the conception is retained inside the uterus, a thorough cleanup of the uterus is done by the doctor. About 10% of all medical abortions need clean up due to retained products.

In case of advanced pregnancies (more than 7 weeks) the surgical abortion is the best choice. Pai Hospital is recognized with the Government of Goa, India for legal safe abortions till 20 weeks of gestation. Surgical abortions are sometimes done under ultrasound guidance and this ensures complete emptying of the uterus in a safe and gentle manner.

We use disposable single use abortion cannulas that are the world standard for safe abortion.

For the best patient comfort, we do all our medical terminations of pregnancy under short general anaesthesia or deep sedation. Pai Hospital has qualified Anaesthesiologists. They are specialist doctors who put you to sleep during the entire process of surgical abortion making it very comfortable. The anaesthesiologist gives you a medicine through an intravenous line. This medicine puts you to sleep and you will wake up comfortably after the entire abortion process is over. You will not remember or feel the abortion procedure. The abortion (uterus clean up) procedure lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.

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 Recovery after Abortion

The recovery after surgical abortion is usually immediate and smooth. Our patients usually wake up fully in a few minutes to an hour after the procedure. There may be a feeling of light headedness but it passes away soon. You will be able to resume diet within 4 to 6 hours and will be able to walk to the bathroom on your own. You will be fit for discharge on the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

Some patients may prefer to stay at the hospital for a few days in case they do not have a local residence in Goa.

Some of the other facilities that are popular among traveling patients is a full body check up for the woman and her spouse. We have a complete pathology and radiology centre in the same hospital building and you can get all types of health checkups done.

Contraception and family planning after abortion

Women can use a wide range of contraceptives after abortion. Condoms, oral contraceptive pills, copper T and medicated intra uterine devices are some choices after abortion.

Our specialist gynecologist will guide you through the process of finding the nest contraceptive after abortion that suits your needs.

Family planning procedure after abortion.

Women and couples who have completed their completed their family size may opt for tying their fallopian tubes in a method called laparoscopic tubal ligation.

Laparoscopic ligation of fallopian tubes is done during the same time as the surgical abortion in cases of surgical abortions up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. In cases of abortions done between 10 and 20 weeks, the tubal ligation surgery is done after 24 hours, but in the same hospital admission.

Laparoscopic tubal ligation is a minimally invasive surgery or a key hole surgery where the procedure is done through 2 to 3 pea sized incisions instead of a single large incision. These incisions typically measure between 10mm to 5mm in length and heal quicker without much pain and scarring.

Future fertility after abortions

The doctors at Pai Hospital understand your concern about future fertility. Internationally accepted guidelines are followed for your abortion process to ensure excellent future fertility.

During the process of surgical abortions, Pai Hospital staff and surgeons use sterile and disposable instruments that ensure good future fertility and low infection rate. During the abortion process, standard care is taken to ensure complete emptying of the uterus. An ultrasound may be necessary for this purpose in some cases. Pai Hospital has all these facilities in-house.

Complications of abortion process

As with all medical treatments, there are chances of complications in the abortion process. Choosing a qualified professional who is well trained in the art of abortion minimizes your chances of having any untoward complication. Pai Hospital’s gynecologic surgical team has been at your service since 1985. We have all the skill, experience and surgical know how to make sure that your abortion process is as safe as it gets. All abortions are done in a safe and legal manner with the world class standard techniques to ensure the best outcome.

These complications are explained more in detail below

 Complications of medical abortions.

This involves taking pills that cause abortions in the early weeks of pregnancy. Some of the adverse effects of these pills include nausea, vomiting, loose stools, and raised body temperature. These symptoms are temporary and easily treatable.

Approximately 10% of the medical abortions are incomplete- this means that a small part of the pregnancy is retained inside the uterus and the uterus needs to be cleaned by surgical techniques.


Complications of surgical abortions

Surgical abortions involve doing abortion using surgical instruments. Some of the complications are uterine perforation and injury to the female reproductive organs.

Having said all these, if standard care and safety guidelines are followed, abortions can be done in a safe and smooth manner.

Our address:

Pai Hospital,

Vaddem, Vasco Da Gama, Goa, India 403 802

You can find us easily through Google Maps.

We are about 5 minutes’ drive from the airport via taxi

We are on the main bus route as well.

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