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IUI Treatment in India

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Is iui procedure painful?
Not at all. As per our years of experience in iui treatment process, most ladies describe the iui procedure is not painful. During the iui procedure, the insemination part which lasts for about 1 to2 minutes may be slightly uncomfortable but not very painful.

In case of the lady is having an unusually tight or sensitive vaginal opening, the iui process can be done under short anesthesia or deep sedation. His makes the entire iui procedure very comfortable and the patient can still go home on the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

​​How is IUI done?
IUI treatment is one of the most rewarding infertility treatments but it needs to be done skillfully. Iui treatment begins with the process of developing the woman’s eggs. This process is called follicular development and may be done by one of the two methods- ovulation induction or OI and super ovulation or SO. Most general gynecologists combine iui with ovulation induction (OI) as this is the simpler of the two egg development processes however an infertility specialist may choose to do both but often chooses to do super ovulation as it gives much better results. Superovulation is a more complex process and adds extra cost and possibility of side effects if not done properly. Superovulation is best left to the fertility specialists. In ovulation induction, the aim is to produce one follicle per month and in superovulation we make 2 to 3 follicles per month.

The growth and development of these follicles are assessed using ultrasound examination called follicular monitoring or folliculometry. This follicular scans are done every alternate days and sometimes daily. It is much better to get these scans done by the fertility specialists as these scams are the back bone of any fertility treatment may it be iui or ivf and help in guiding the fertility treatment. Once the follicles reach 16 to 18 mm in size, the follicles are considered mature or ready for use. Once the follicles are mature, usually an ovulation trigger is used to trigger ovulation or egg release from the follicle.

The fertility specialist then proceeds with the iui treatment process. The husband of the patient gives the semen sample in a semen collection jar. This is a wide mouth bottle with a screw cap. The collected semen sample is then sent for processing at the iui lab also called the andrology lab in the infertility clinic. The semen sample is processed and the sperms are washed by specialized techniques. The end results of sperm washing and processing is that an iui injection is produced. This injection is connected to a catheter (long plastic tube) and is inseminated to the centre of the uterus by the infertility expert.

The woman is allowed to rest for some time and then she can go home. The entire iui process lasts for 1 hour only and the actual insemination hardly takes a minute in the hands of an infertility expert.

What is donor iui?
In some infertile couples, the husband may not have enough sperms to undergo traditional husband iui. In these cases the couple may opt for ivf icsi with husband sperm or donor sperm iui. Ivf icsi is expensive but attempts to produce a baby from husband sperm however donor iui is more affordable alternative.

Donor sperms are obtained from certified sperm banks that procure high quality sperms from individuals called donors. These samples are extensively tested for quality and are sold only if the pass all quality checks and are free from all common diseases. Donor sperms usually yield a good result in iui treatment.

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What is iui treatment success rate on first try?
Iui success depends on several factors. The iui treatment by itself has an average of 10% fertility. The iui fertility increases to 15% if combines with gonadotropins. These gonadotropins are drugs that increase the egg yield in the iui treatment cycle. The fertility rate of iui may increase further if recombinant gonadotropins are used.

Sperm count and morphology are important determinants of iui success. At least 20 million sperm count and close to 50% motility yields good success rates. Below this count ivf icsi gives better results.

What is iui treatment?
IUI also called Artificial insemination is one of the most popular infertility treatments in Goa, India. Insemination is very much liked by fertility experts as it is a simple infertility procedure with relatively high success rate especially when combines with the gonadotropins. In Goa, the infertility centre at Pai Hospital has been providing on of the best IUI treatment (Artificial insemination treatment) since over 15 years. IUI treatment at Pai Hospital infertility center is made easy and convenient for the women due to the presence of a specialized department for infertility that can concentrate and prioritize the infertility issue and these patients are not seen along with the general gynecological issues. This means that the infertile couple spends far less time in the waiting room. Pai Hospital also has Ultrasound centre in house and very closely placed to the infertility specialist so that all ultrasounds can be done very swiftly and conveniently without the couple having to spend the entire day doing these tests elsewhere and then going back to the infertility specialist to show the follicular study report. All scans are done by the infertility specialist and this helps in better treatment and understanding the follicular study that forms the backbone of all infertility treatments.

Care after IUI?
There is no specific and special care after IUI treatment. We advise our patients to abstain from carry heavy objects for a week after IUI. The pregnancy test is done after 3 weeks and we can diagnose pregnancy easily and proceed with further pregnancy care if the test comes positive.

Cost of iui procedure in Goa
The cost of iui procedure depends on the package selected by the couple. Usually it is 15000 indian rupees per iui attempt.

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