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laparoscopic surgeon in goa
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laparoscopic surgeon in goa

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that has been used in medicine well over thirty years. The faster recovery time, the minimizing of pain, hospitalization and better aesthetic result are some of the advantages which made Laparoscopy very popular among patients and surgeons throughout the world. Laparoscopy is slowly gaining popularity in our country as people are appreciating the advantages.

Laparoscopic surgery in Goa:
Pai Hospital was established in 1985. It is located in Vasco Da Gama, a port town located in south Goa. Pai Hospital is easily accessible by road, railway and by air. Pai Hospital is located on the main highway connecting all major cities like Panjim, Margao, Ponda. Pai Hospital is located just 5 kms from the Dabolim Airport, Goa. Pai Hospital is located about 5 kms from the Vasco Da Gama Railway Station.

Since the hospital is located at a prominent place in Goa, we get patients from various places like Panjim, Margao, Ponda, Mapusa, Karwar, Sawantwadi, Belgaum.

laparoscopic surgery goa

Laparoscopic Surgeon in Goa

At Pai Hospital, we have a High Definition Laparoscopy System made by Stryker, USA. This HD Laparoscopy system helps our surgeon to view highly magnified images of the pathology (disease) and enables our Laparoscopy team to perform very fine Laparoscopic surgeries.
Procedure: What to expect during Laparoscopic surgery?  

Usually, on admission the patient is given a sedative which helps the patient to relax. Laparoscopy is usually done under general anaesthesia (GA) where the patient is asleep throughout the duration of the surgery and feels no pain. A breathing tube is passed through the mouth which helps the patient breathe. The surgeon then performs the Laparoscopic surgery. After the surgery, the patient regains consciousness quickly and is usually comfortable. The patient rests in the hospital till he/she is fit for discharge.

At Pai Hospital, we have highly skilled team of Laparoscopic surgeons, anesthesiologists and specialized assistants. Our Laparoscopic team works hard to make sure that you get the best results from your Laparoscopic surgery and best post operative recovery.
Advantages of Laparoscopy over traditional open surgery:

Advan​ces in gynecological surgery:​
Laparoscopic (key hole) surgery
Women and men share many similar health issues, but women also have their own health issues which deserve special consideration. Women’s lives have changed over the centuries. Historically, life was particularly difficult for women. Aside from the numerous dangers and diseases, women became wives and mothers often when they were emerging from their own childhood. The lifestyle and standard of living of modern women has greatly improved. However, women still face many challenges and diseases. 

It is important that every woman has access to knowledge of the spectrum of women’s health issues and the treatment of the same. Some of these diseases require surgical treatment and it is necessary for women to understand the different surgical options available, their advantages and disadvantages.

​What is Laparoscopic surgery? 

Laparoscopy, also called key-hole surgery, is a minimally invasive surgery where instead of operating the patient through a single large incision, the patient is operated through 3 or 4 small Laparoscopic incisions. These small Laparoscopic incisions are called Laparoscopic ports. These Laparoscopic incisions are the size of a pea (0.5cm to 1cm). Through these incisions, the Laparoscopy surgeon introduces a camera, some instruments to grasp organs and some other hand-instruments which have specific purpose in the surgery. The image from the camera is projected on to a video monitor. The surgeon sees this image and performs the surgery.

Laparoscopy involves surgery done through 3 or 4 mini incisions (key holes) instead of a single large incision. These small incisions are relatively painless and heal quickly. After a Laparoscopic surgery, the patient has a shorter hospital stay and has quicker “back to work” time. Also, Laparoscopic surgery offers an excellent cosmetic outcome as the abdomen is free from large scars. This means that when women undergo Laparoscopic (key hole) surgery, they are able to get back to their busy schedule quicker and require lesser rest. These women can concentrate on their career, family or education with better efficiency and with lesser work absenteeism.

At Pai Hospital, your comfort is our priority. Our Laparoscopy team work hard towards giving you the very best in healthcare to ensure a speedy recovery.
Disadvantages of Laparoscopy:

The disadvantages are relative. Minimal invasive surgeries are difficult in women who have undergone multiple previous surgeries. It is also difficult in obese women and in ladies with respiratory and heart conditions. Also one more drawback is the marginally increased cost as compared to the traditional surgery, but this is easily outweighed by the advantages. The increased cost is due to the added cost of Laparoscopy instruments and consumables needed during Laparoscopic surgery.

At Pai Hospital, we have a dedicated team of qualified and skilled Laparoscopic surgeons and experienced anesthesiologists. We have good experience in treating high risk patients by Laparoscopic surgery. Pai Hospital also has hi tech equipments to make the Laparoscopic surgery efficient and anesthesia safe for the patient.
What all surgeries are possible Laparoscopically?

Laparoscopy appears to be the gold standard method for quite a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic gynecological procedures. These procedures include tubal ligation, removal of ovarian cyst or adnexal mass, treatment of ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhagic rupture of cyst, exploration of chronic pelvic pain, sterility, treatment of endometriosis, removal of fibroids, hysterectomy and recently, the treatment of gynecological cancers.
Few popular Laparoscopic surgeries:

Laparoscopic Tubal ligation
Tubal ligation is also called family planning surgery. It is very commonly done Laparoscopically. Women can now easily take off a day or two from their busy schedules to get this surgery done. In this procedure the fallopian tubes on both sides are blocked and this prevents unwanted pregnancies. This procedure is very similar to the procedure done by the open method. The results and failure rate are almost similar to that of the traditional open method when properly done. Patients are back to work on the second or third day after surgery.

Laparoscopic treatment of Ectopic pregnancy

laparoscopic surgeon in goa

Due to various reasons the pregnancy may implant itself in the fallopian tubes. This is a life threatening condition. Traditionally the tubes were cut and removed in order to save the woman’s life. This would severely affect the woman’s ability to conceive in the future. However, modern Laparoscopy now offers these women with conservative surgery for tubal ectopic in which the tube is preserved and only the abnormal tubal pregnancy is removed. The woman is out of danger and back to her busy life in two- three days time.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy for Infertility and other conditions:

Laparoscopy is a gold standard for diagnostic purpose. The surgeon can easily see the contents of the whole abdomen through a tiny key hole incision and reach to a definite diagnosis. The surgeon can also perform the corrective surgery for the diagnosed condition at the same sitting. This advantage of Laparoscopic surgery is best used in infertility practice where several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures need to be done in one sitting.

Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cysts, Laparoscopic uterus removal-Laparoscopic hysterectomy and other Laparoscopic gynecological surgeries can also be done in similar fashion where women are pain free, mobile and fully capable of resuming their routine activities in a few days time.

Safety of Laparoscopic Surgery: